3D custom figures
Scanning and reproduction of people and all kinds of real objects

We use 3D scanning and printing technology for figures of people, objects, mechanical and industrial elements, as well as their scale reproduction

3D solutions applied to medicine and healthcare

We are a company specialized in digitalization and 3D printing using printers of different materials. We perform the capture and geometric documentation of high definition, through the use of 3D scanners, likewise we use diagnostic tests (CT, MRI) for the thorough reconstruction of organs and tissues.

The systems we use offer high-precision 3D printing, with a high level of detail and accuracy of the real model. From medical image data, different additive manufacturing materials and processes are applied to produce physical and anatomical models, which can also be sterilized to serve as a reference during surgery.

We perform analysis, debugging, processing and printing of the information contained in medical images. We are able to detect the details of the image in 3D, allowing us to thoroughly reconstruct the geometry of the different elements. They are processed in high quality 3D models, which have the advantage of highlighting all the anomalies in the elements.

We use different ranges of 3D printers, we create precise models that accurately represent the exact volumetry of the fabric. This is an advanced alternative to traditional virtual imaging methods, which cannot cope with the organ's access problems and cannot provide a safe viewing. This solution allows us to increase our safety margins with respect to time and accuracy restrictions

Bone parts printing
As can be seen in this case and based on the patient's MRI, we were able, after obtaining the DICOM, to make the impression for its use both in the planning and in the intervention itself. saving time and precision in the anchors that this case needed.



Design and printing of preoperative anatomical prototypes
In this case we designed a pre-operative model for interventions in fetuses with exposed marrow. to create a practice model of this intervention that until now was non-existent.




Design and printing of prostheses
We can, in collaboration with the surgeon, design the piece to be implanted in titanium, customizing it based on the patient's DICOM.

We work in partnership with Renishaw, a company with extensive experience in metal printing and holder of ISO 13485 medical divices quality., Which guarantees the safety of its use to be implanted.

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