3D custom figures
Scanning and reproduction of people and all kinds of real objects

We use 3D scanning and printing technology for figures of people, objects, mechanical and industrial elements, as well as their scale reproduction

3D professional solutions

In LABS3D we apply the technology of scanning, digitalization and 3D printing for solutions in the professional and industrial field, opening an incredible range of application opportunities in areas until recently limited to traditional methods, achieving a level of detail and economy of important costs.

3D solutions applied to sculpture and plastic arts

Digitization of artistic elements reproducing them with accuracy and precision at various scales. The digitization process can be performed parts, taking into account the original dimensions of the object, to be able to create the complete mesh of final surface that allowed realistic 3D printing on polymer. We have worked with notable sculptors such as Jorge Egea, Albert Madaula and the ArtBona workshops.

3D reproduction at scale of sculptures Jorge Egea, 3D printing, 3D scanner, 3D printer, 3D scanning.

3D solutions applied to Architecture

We are able to capture, using 3D laser scanners, all the details of architectural elements, from minimum dimensions to infrastructures of hundreds of meters. Very useful for BIM (Building Information Modeling) digitization projects.

Additionally, it is possible to reproduce them using 3D printing techniques in different materials.

The systems we use offer high precision 3D data, as well as images at a scanning speed of up to 1 million points per second with a range of up to 330 m, to achieve a high level of detail and real-world clarity.

3D solutions applied to the Industry

Reverse engineering of mechanical parts using 3D technology: Laser scanner technology and 3D scanner is an indispensable tool for sectors such as industrial metrology, the possibility of obtaining a virtual model completely faithful to the original in high resolution opens a huge field of possibilities for different disciplines .

Once the digital model is obtained it is possible to reproduce it in different materials through CNC milling, 3D printing or to make design modifications. We perform the digitization of industry elements reproducing them with accuracy and precision at various scales, by means of the reverse engineering procedure to obtain information or a design from a product, in order to determine what is made, what makes it work and how it was manufactured.

For the capture of the information we use 3D laser scanners, obtaining information that after being processed can be delivered as parametric files ready to be used in CNC.

3D solutions applied to medicine

We collaborate with professionals and hospitals in the application of 3D solutions in the medical field, especially in the areas of traumatology, aesthetic surgery and others. For more information, do not hesitate to contact us.

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