Figuras personalizadas 3D

Escaneo y reproducción de personas y todo tipo de objetos reales

Utilizamos tecnología de escaneo e impresión 3D para figuras de personas, objetos y elementos industriales, así como su reproducción a escala 

Scanning and digitization of architecture details

Scanning and digitization of industrial facilities, 3D printing, Barcelona

Scanning and digitization of industrial facilities

3D solutions applied to architecture and engineering

We are able to capture, through 3D laser scanner all the details of architectural elements, from minimum dimensions to infrastructure of hundreds of meters. Very useful for BIM (Building Information Modeling) digitization projects.

Additionally it is possible to reproduce them using 3D printing techniques in different materials. The systems we use offer high-precision 3D data, as well as images at a scan speed of up to 1 million points per second with a range of up to 330 m, to achieve high level of detail and clarity of the real world.

Laser scanning is a widely applicable technology for a number of industries. However, adoption in the architecture, engineering and construction sector is comparatively incipient and the potential benefits have not yet been fully exploited during project execution and for the operations and maintenance of existing assets. With the increase in technological advances in 3D laser scanning and BIM, the architecture, engineering and construction industry is experiencing a new scientific and technological revolution comparable to the introduction of CAD. The 3D laser scanner allows us to measure any complex construction, regardless of the stage in which the project is located, and when integrated with BIM allows to significantly improve the quality inspection and acceptance levels of a project.

In addition to saving time and money to perform the same tasks with traditional methods, 3D scanning offers decision makers a revolutionary tool to assess existing conditions, evaluate construction progress, conduct structural and cultural assessments, record the built conditions and manage large asset portfolios. In many ways, 3D scanning establishes a solid basis for the overall improvement of information management in projects and asset management programs.

The key areas of application:

  • Fast mapping and real scale modeling,

  • Infrastructure asset management,

  • Site monitoring and evaluation

  • Structural analysis and inspection.

3D scanning, digitization of complete buildings, 3D printing, Barcelona

Scanning and digitization of complete buildings