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3D custom figures
Scanning and reproduction of people and all kinds of real objects

We use 3D scanning and printing technology for figures of people, objects, mechanical and industrial elements, as well as their scale reproduction

3D scanning and reverse engineering of elements and parts

Reverse engineering of mechanical parts using 3D technology: The laser scanner and 3D scanner technology is an indispensable tool for sectors such as industrial metrology, the possibility of obtaining a virtual model completely faithful to the original in high resolution opens a huge field of possibilities for different disciplines . Once the digital model is obtained, it can be reproduced in different materials by CNC milling, 3D printing or to make design modifications. We digitize industry elements by reproducing them accurately and precisely at various scales, using the reverse engineering procedure to obtain information or a design from a product, in order to determine what is made, what makes it work and how It was manufactured.

For the capture of the information we use 3D laser scanners, obtaining information that after being processed can be delivered as parametric files ready to be used in CNC.

Scanning 3D parts in high definition is the process of converting physical objects into precise digital models, allowing you to quickly and accurately capture the shape and geometries of your object. This process provides a complete digital representation of your part for use in reverse engineering, quality inspection or at any point in a typical manufacturing cycle.

Laser scanning produces a cloud consisting of millions of points in 3D space. These 3D points can easily be converted into an STL file to be used to preserve your data or to print in 3D on any scale. However, mesh data by themselves cannot be easily edited or manipulated without very specialized software. Using software you can completely convert the scanned data in 3D into a useful parametric CAD model. With the parametric model, you can open the model with editing software (e.g. SolidWorks), access the feature tree and easily edit sketches and design features.


The 3D scanner is ideal for reverse engineering. The collected data is projected as a cloud of points, which is a three-dimensional image of the scanned object. This allows us to create virtual sets that allow us to detect the overlap and check the fit of the pieces.


A 3D scanner can be used to scan / analyze a real-world object or environment to collect data about its shape and possibly its appearance (color and / or texture). The collected data can be used to build a 3D digital model.

Our work process:

Once we have scanned the part, our 3D modeling specialists will start working with the point cloud to create a Solid Model. The resulting models can be imported into almost any CAD software package as they can be used by the most common modeling software such as Autocad, Revit, Archicad, Solidworks, Tekla, Inventor, etc.

The models can be used to generate custom drawings or manufacture spare parts. 3D printing / machining solutions will also be analyzed based on your need and the materials of the part.

Considerations for the process:

  • Piece size

  • Reflectivity of the piece.

  • Accessibility of the piece: scanned on the site? It's in use?

  • Desirable Deliverables

  • The Chronogram of the project

Benefits of 3D scanning:

  • Highly accurate results

  • Measure and model unique pieces.

  • Easily create replicas or manufacturing molds

  • Cost savings: capture / modeling takes from conceptualization to manufacturing quickly

  • Digital documentation of your pieces in case of failure.

3D Scanned Industrial Part, Reverse Engineering, 3D Scan, 3D Printing, 3D Scanner, 3D Printer, Barcelona
Reverse Engineering - Mesh Model
Reverse engineering - definitive model, Barcelona
Parameterized reverse engineering, 3D Scan, Barcelona
3D Scanned Industrial Part, Reverse Engineering, 3D Scan, 3D Printing, 3D Scanner, 3D Printer, Barcelona
Reverse engineering scanned part, 3D Scan, 3D Printing, 3D Scanner, 3D Printer, Barcelona
Ingeniería inversa modelo de malla, Escaneo 3D, Impresión 3D, Escaner 3D, Impresora 3D, Barcelona
Reverse engineering final model, 3D Scanning, 3D Printing, 3D Scanner, 3D Printer, Barcelona
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