3D custom figures
Scanning and reproduction of people and all kinds of real objects

We use 3D scanning and printing technology for figures of people, objects, mechanical and industrial elements, as well as their scale reproduction

Your beloved pet immortalized in 3D

We scan your beloved Pet in 3D using a technique similar to that of people.

We can also recreate your 3D pet from photos. Ideal for those who can not go to our 3D scanning studio or attend one of our events. The 3D Mascot creation process begins with the recommended capture of at least 5 images of your pet.


We recommend the following images:

  • Front image

  • Side image (right)

  • Side image (left)

  • Back image

  • Close-up of the head


Optional: load as many other images as you can so we can digitally sculpt more details.


Once you have the images we need, you can send them and place your order. If you are not sure that the images are adequate, you can send us the images for review.

It is not necessary to make the payment until we confirm that the images are suitable!

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